Galway hotel rooms


We have compiled a list of questions and answers for visitors staying in Galway that may prove helpful. We will add to these questions as time goes on.

How well do we know Galway?

Our team have been directly involved in the tourist industry in Galway for over 20 years, we certainly know it very well and have specific knowledge in most areas.

Will I find the cheapest rates here?

We are certain you will as we check have a deal with our booking partner reservations system and show you the best prices.

Are my bookings secure?

All the bookings made are with a third party, the systems we use are always secure and well known.

Can I ask for tourist information?

Yes, although we are a reservations system ourselves, we do assist with 1st hand tourist information

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Secure Bookings

All the providers have a secure booking system.

Experienced Staff

We have over 10+ years bookings experience.

Local Knowledge

Our team know the best places to stay in Galway.

24/7 Assistance

We are here for our customers 24 hours a day.

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Compare rates from all systems in one click.

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