Galway hotel rooms


Many of the smaller locations in Ireland do not have hostels available, except for busy tourist locations. In smaller places, it is advised that you look for budget accommodation though a bed and breakfast.

Things to do

There are plenty of things to do in and around the immediate vicinity or Galway! It is rich in Irish culture and heritage, so you will not have far to go to find something to do.

Visit the attractions in the area or in nearby locations, there are taxis tours available through the hotel to facilitate visitors or that a car trip around the are yourself.

Things to see

The landscape around Galway is filled with traditional Irish beautiful landmarks and sites. One does not have far to travel to find an interesting peice of Irish history in Galway!

Take the time to ask the locals about the sites and it will not take long to get the information you need. They are the ones who can truly tell you about the area you are visiting.

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