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3 Star Hotels

The most common rating for hotels in Ireland is the 3 star hotel. This is a mid range quality hotel that offers many of the 4 star experience but at a lower or reduced cost. The level of service may not be as good as the higher rates hotels, but there is a high quality of comfort and quality still expected.

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Good quality

In 3 star Irish hotels, the staff will be skilled in responding to guests' needs. There should be a dedicated receptionist on duty at all times to cater for your needs and a good quality reception area for guests.

There is usually a bar and some very good quality restaurants that serve food on a daily basis.


All rooms in a 3 star hotel in Ireland should have en suite bedrooms and have remote-control TV with a direct-dial telephone service. There is a restaurant open to residents and their guests and a bar or lounge serving drinks.

Some 3 star hotel have additional features that you would expect if a higher rates hotel.

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